Our Work with Families

Programmes are delivered for up to 12 weeks and set to create environments which enable families to expand and grow.

Practical programmes that include building self-efficacy and resilience through;

  • life skills

  • team building activities

  • accessing opportunities

  • continued support and local community links

Your feedback

Zara and her team provide a safe, positive environment helping us to develop the skills necessary to succeed. They work with families in your hour of need, they are fab! They are dedicated and committed and make a difference to so many people’s lives! They are supportive of your whole families needs. Their bespoke work and commitment mean it provides an opportunity for us all to develop good relationships within the family. I highly recommend this service and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today!

"We were struggling with some aspects of home life which I think were exaggerated by lockdown and suddenly having so much time together.


Zara helped our child to open up and face what was on his mind and this has helped dramatically. We are all getting along better.


Also, we have readdressed how we manage situations at home, and this has, has a positive impact."

"It’s not often that one finds a person who has such a wonderful, contagious passion for both life and for others around her, with a delightful balance of joy, enthusiasm and genuine care.

We have found Reach Out to be an island in a storm ... and are incredibly grateful for the individual care, advice, time and energy we have received from Zara and Team.


Thank you so much!"​

“My son is so much more motivated since he has been working with you, he is now becoming part of the family, walking the dogs, helping me at work and freely telling me all about your sessions together, he looks forward to working with you every week.

'When we felt invisible before and left to struggle Reach Out welcomed us into a safe place where we could talk and be listened to - Reach Out has changed our lives'

So pleased to have found Reach Out. After myself and my teenage daughter feeling isolated and often overlooked by other services we have finally found an open door and a relaxing place to talk about everyday things and not feel so alone Thank you to Zara, we are very grateful for Reach out.

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What our families say

We ask our families to asses out of 10 how confident they felt managing on their own before and after working with Reach Out. We're proud to say that all our families resilience has grown and they've felt more confident to manage future situations.

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