Our History & Journey so far...


When I was employed by our sister company Reach Alternative Education, we were moved daily by seeing our families clearly needing support and guidance with various situations and circumstances. Although we were able to do this to a point our social consciousness knew that this was not enough.  This troubled us greatly, so we set about researching what was missing from our local communities and how we could bridge that gap.  We realised we could create a response to address the imbalance that would add to the already vital services out there; whilst making sure that what we offered was completely accessible particularly for our families who never quite met thresholds with statutory or specialist services elsewhere.  After much careful consideration Reach Out (SW) CiC was born as a not for profit community interest company.  

We hadn’t of course anticipated all things Covid-19 so our pilot and launch are commencing slightly later than scheduled as we do our utmost to accommodate best practice in line with ever-changing guidelines from the government.

We are very fortunate to have complete support from Reach Alternative Education along with our directors and Advisory Group.  We believe we have a format that is responsive to the ever-changing need of environments.  We endeavour to supply practical support, guidance and enterprising opportunities to our local families that chose to access it. 

We launch our pilot in late September 2020 with the aim of obtaining enough grant support and donations to make the provision available to fully launch our Not for Profit Community Interest Company in late March 2021.

This had been a dream of ours for several years and we are very proud to be part of this unique family provision.

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The Pilot

We are currently only offering our pilot scheme in the Somerton, Langport and Martock areas of Somerset. This will see us working with 15 local families from mid-September 2020 to the end of March 2021.  

We are currently being sponsored by Reach Alternative Education and Grant Funded by Somerset Community Foundation to carry out this pilot, which will then enable us to role out this provision to a wider area early next year.

Start small, think big!

We are all very excited and committed to this venture.  We believe wholeheartedly in our approach and the ability to develop, deliver and embrace unique opportunities for our families.

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