Covid Recovery

We are working in response to the Covid-19 outbreak and helping families recover by adapting to their ‘new normal’.  We are offering someone to talk to where support, advice and opportunities will be available for the whole family to embrace.

During these unprecedented times, family’s will have experienced a number of circumstances which may include;

  • Bereavement

  • Sickness

  • Isolation

  • Loss of work / Loss of income

all of the above would have placed families out of their everyday routines and put untold pressure on them as individuals but also as a unit. Some families may well have enjoyed the challenge, whilst others have found the whole experience traumatic.  Add all this together and the impact of these significant changes can compound the feelings of vulnerability, shame and despair.

As we now all attempt to find our way out of lockdown and back into some kind of ‘New Normal‘ the world can seem like an incomplete and daunting place. Doing some of the most basic things feels like an overwhelming challenge to some i.e. going back to work, school, shopping and uniting with family and friends.

We can help families label feelings and emotions in these challenging times. We will be able to help them find strategies to work on as both individuals and as a unit which will address matters of fear and anxiety. We will help guide families through this process creatively and acknowledging the need for self-efficacy and resilience ‘self-belief in their own ability as a team to cope’.

We will be able to use a steppingstone approach which will value the difference in pace of recovery where some families will bounce back quickly whilst others with need more time and support to adapt.  We will always support using practical solutions whilst role modelling effective responses alongside family members.